Use The Hunger Scale – Best Way To Lose Weight If You Have Overweight

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Its  biologically impossible Best Way To Lose Weight without feeling some amount of hunger .it all comes down to hunger management – how well you do it can determine how successful you are at losing weight and keeping it off…

Determine the cause of your hunger

Some people who are always hungry may be mistaking food for love or support if you’re unable to find the love and support you need through your relationships,you may feel hungry or unsatisfied and turn to food for comfort .in some cases, a diet that is Rich in Junk foods or treats triggers intense cravings and makes it almost impossible to manage your hunger. Another common cause: skip-ping meals. If you miss meals or don’t eat regularly (every three to four hours), hunger could rear its ugly head.

Use The Hunger Scale

All of us have the innate ability to control calories – you just have to listen to your body. To get back in touch with your body’s hunger and fullness signals you can try using the hunger scale , as shown on the following page.

How can the hunger scale help? Your body metabolize and uses foods best when you eat the right amounts at the eight times. I addition  to helping you cut calories, the scale can also help you curb cravings. You can also say buh-bye to binge foods the scale will help you eat only when you’re physically hungry. Most binges, on the other hand, stem from emotional reasons.

How does it work? Try to eat when your body feels like a 4 on

The hunger Scale

  1. You’re so hungry you’ll eat anything.
  2. You can’t ignore your hunger and everything looks and sounds good to eat.
  3. Your stomach is growling and you have hunger pangs.
  4. You feel you’re getting hungry and it’s time to think about what to eat.
  5. You’re neither hungry nor full
  6. Just right you’re satisfied but could easily eat more.
  7. Totally satisfied: hinger is gone and you won’t be hungry for hours.
  8. You’re full and don’t want anything else to eat.
  9. You feel stuffed and uncomfortable.
  10. You’re painfully full and may even feel sick.

The scale and stop when it’s about 6 or want to avoid being so hungry (a 3 or lower) that you overeat, and at the same time, you don’t want to chow down until you feel ready-to-unzip my pents full (8 or higher)

Keep a food journal for five to seven days, and make sure you note where your hunger is, form 1 to 10, before and after eating. Try to keep your hunger controlled and within the 4 to 7 range on the scale ( when you wake up. It’s okay if you’re a 2)

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When you’re eating take a few minutes to pause during the meal to assess your hunger .if you’re still below a 6 continue eating remember, it takes fifteen to twenty minutes for the stomach to provide the brain signals of fullness, so don’t speed-eat! Get to know your body and when you need to stop eating to reach the feeling of 7 after a meal..

After a week, you should start to develop a healthier relationship with food and be more attuned to listening for and feeding your hunger. Use the scale for as long as you think you need it.

If you’re like most Americans, one or both of your parents are plump. As it turns out, the apple doesn’t fall too far from the not so trim tree:

When One or Both Parents Are OverWeight

you’re more likely to be overweight too. In fact, girls who have two overweight parents have been shown to be eight times more likely to be overweight by age 13.

It’s a Question of nature versus nurture: is it genes that predispose the kids to obesity, or is it their environment that makes them packs on pounds? Researchers have found that it has more to do with the food environment then genetic makeup. Parents who are overweight may teach young children unhealthy food habits like eating when they’re not hungry, eating to avoid problems or emotional issues, using “food as love” serving Costco-size portions, and cooking less frequently-Compared with households with household with parents who are at a healthier weight.

What Percentage of Americans are Overweight

The problem is that most parents don’t even realize they’re setting their kids up for weight failure. Surprisingly, most parents don’t even realize when their kids are overweight. A recent poll found that while the majority of Americans believe that childhood obesity is a significant and growing challenge for the country” a whopping 84 percent say their children are at a healthy weight- despite national stats showing that nearly one-third of children and teens are overweight or obese.


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