The Smoothie Diet for Weight Loss

Smoothie Diet for Weight Loss
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When it comes to losing weight , the number one concern is hunger. Being hungry all of the time is something we all can deal with for a short period of time, but after a few days of dieting , the hunger takes over and we fall off the weight loss wagon only to regain the water weight we have lost and a few extra pounds to boot. The Smoothie Diet offers a hunger-reducing plan that ensures you never feel those extreme hunger pangs and never fall off the weight loss wagon.  This is part of an on going special review of the smoothie diet.Smoothie DietAt the heart of the Smoothie Diet is the smoothie.

A diet breakfast smoothie starts off the day and is filled with protein and fiber, the perfect one, two combination to battle hunger. Calorie controlled and filled with a healthy supply of vitamins, minerals and essential nutrients , the smoothie not only tastes good, but feels good on the body as well.

After breakfast, the free Smoothie Diet plan allows for lunch smoothies and dinner smoothies to round out your nutritional day . Smoothie Diet recipes are available both online and off line and offer a huge range of tastes and flavors to keep you interested every day of the Smoothie Diets plan time.

How Does the Smoothie Diet Work?

Lose 20+ Pounds In 2 Weeks With Green Smoothie Diet
Lose 20+ Pounds

Breakfast the most important part of the day. It is the time when the metabolism kicks starts for the days calorie burn. The trouble is most people leave their breakfast meal filled with quick burning carbohydrates, which leads to snacking only a few hours later and a huge onslaught of unneeded calories. The diet breakfast smoothie is created from whole fruits and yogurts and soy or whey proteins that help to start off the day with a increase in calorie burning power.
The method of combining just the right fats, proteins and natural fibers helps the dieter fights the urge to eat later in the morning. The stomach feels full straight through lunchtime, eliminating the extra calories consumed during those mid morning snacks.

At the heart of fighting the hunger is the diet smoothie recipe. The slow metabolizing carbohydrates offer a blood sugar balance that keeps hunger away. There are no quick burns and crashes like those experienced with the more traditional high sugar, high simple carbohydrate breakfast choices. When glucose or blood sugar levels are balanced, hunger is kept at bay allowing for quicker weight loss results.

The Smoothie Diet and Other Diet Plans :

The Smoothie Diet can be incorporated into many of the most popular diet plans being tried today. The You on a Diet smoothie is a very popular choice as is the Smoothie King diet. The easier a diet plan is to follow, the more apt the dieter is to stay on the plan. The key is to find a power diet smoothie that tastes great and keeps the dieter felling fuller, longer.

Diet smoothie drinks are just the first stage of the Smoothie Diet. As the body becomes more accustomed to the fiber and healthy nutrient levels, there will be natural diet changes that take place. The dieter will like the feeling given by these healthy green Smoothie Diet drinks and will choose to add more and more of these same types of foods to other meals throughout the day.

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Smoothie Diet Daily Menu Plan :

When you choose the Smoothie Diet, you will be choosing a huge range of healthy foods. A sample menu may look like this.


Jump-start your metabolism with a protein rich fruit and yogurt shake.

Sample Recipe
1 Frozen Banana
8 ounces of plain yogurt
1 TBSP Protein Powder
6 Ice Cubes
1 1/3 cups water
Handful of Frozen Strawberries

Place the ingredients into a blender and puree until smooth. Enjoy!


One serving of fruit or homemade fruit juice.

(Sample Homemade Fruit Juice recipe)

8 ounces diet ginger ale
1 cup whole fruit juice

Another fruit Smoothie Diet drink.

One serving of fruit or fruit juice.

A whole food dinner of your choice. The caloric intake will depend upon your dietary needs, but should aim to stay within the 500 to 600 calorie range. The dinner meal should provide a healthy source of lean protein and healthy fats. The simple carbohydrates should be kept to a minimum so if a starch is needed, aim for a sweet potato versus a white potato.

The Smoothie Diet is a whole food diet, which means that the shakes can be consumed at any meal. Replacing the afternoon or evening meal with a Smoothie Diet recipe can mean added weight loss and added reduced hunger. The total caloric intake of the Smoothie Diet drinks can be adjusted as per the recommended daily calorie intakes for weight loss that is appropriate for each dieter.

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Lose 20+ Pounds In 2 Weeks With Green Smoothie Diet

The protein Smoothie Diet is quite similar to the Slim Fast diet, but without all the added sugars. Many Slim Fast shakes are laden with quick burning sugars and thus empty calories. They are also very expensive to continue buying week after week. The Smoothie Diet recipes are easy to make and total customizable. You can choose from many different fruits, yogurts and protein flavors and cut the simple sugar levels to near zero, while keeping the cost of the diet low. The whole fruit juice can be prepared early in the week and kept ready to make in the fridge for the entire week making the Smoothie Diet easy and quick each and every day.

All in all, the Smoothie Diet is a diet that is sure to keep the hunger quenched and the weight falling off . The longer the Smoothie Diet is utilized as a part of your everyday eating plans, the more weight you will lose, especially if combined with a good exercise plan. There is nothing like starting off the day with a diet smoothie drink to boost that metabolism, provide healthy, low sugar nutrition and prevent those mid morning hunger pangs. Losing weight has never been so easy as when using the simple Smoothie Diet drinks for your morning meal and more.


  1. Its very good for your help if you can choose from many different fruits, yogurts and protein flavors and cut the simple sugar levels to near zero, while keeping the cost of the diet low.


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